Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning

057 365 Spring Cleaning
By f_trudeau

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? We've done a few things (there's nothing like having company over to motivate me to scrub the house!). We shampooed the carpets (although it wouldn't hurt to do that again, what with three dogs and all). I cleaned walls, cabinet door and baseboards. I also cleaned the grout on the countertops. And we hosed off the front porch and back patio and planted the vegetable garden.

There are still some things on my our to-do list:
  • Clean out the garage
  • Scrub the grout on the floors
  • Clean windows
To help us all out with those backbreaking chores, I've rounded up a few spring cleaning posts that I hope you'll find helpful:
Do you have any cleaning tips? Share them!

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