Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Home Office: Organization

When it comes to organizing, there are generally two kinds of people: Those who like to see all their stuff and those who like to keep everything tucked away. I'd have to say I fall somewhere in between. I like to have things I don't use often or that are unsightly stowed behind closed doors (or drawers), but things I use regularly I like to keep within arm's reach.

So as part of my occasional series on working from home, I thought I'd pull together some inspirational office storage.

These beautifully styled shelves hold books and storage boxes full of office supplies, along with a little eye candy to lift your spirits on rough day:

Apartment Therapy

The Art of Doing Stuff

Better Homes and Gardens
Sectioning off a drawer and labeling everything makes it that much easier to put things back where they belong at then end of a long day:
Better Homes and Gardens
I have my eye on the pink Stockholm flat storage box for keeping printer paper neat and handy:
The Container Store
 I love this idea for hiding those ugly power strips—and I'll bet it would pretty easy to DIY one.
Bluelounge Design
How do you keep your office tidy?


  1. I love the inspirational photos.... it's always so much easier when you use some kind of inspiration to finally tackle your office. Here is a blog post to get started on spring cleaning your office...

    1. Thanks for the link, Nadine. And thanks for stopping by!

  2. Nice post on keeping your office organized!
    The first thing I always try to do is to apply the old rule: "Clean as you go".
    In this way, clutter is controlled and minimized.
    It is amazing how many unnecessary little objects can be accummulated in a home office, without even realizing it. There are a lot of people who hesitate to part with stuff they don't really need. I think it is important for everyone to become disciplined in keeping a clean, organized, fresh-looking and attractive office, both for themselves and their customers.
    Just don't be afraid to throw paper waste away, like old letters, invoices, newspapers, magazines and other stuff that takes valuable space on your office desk, because it can grow fast before you realize it.

    1. Anasta, you're so right about paper waste. I struggle with that but manage to keep it from getting out of control. Thanks for stopping by!


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