Monday, April 2, 2012

Home Office: Office Space

Whether you work from home full time like I do or you just need a place to pay bills and browse Pinterest, a functional home office is essential. And if you're a creative type, you'll want your space to be inspiring.

My musts for a home office are:
  • Quiet. If you can shut the door, that's great, but if you can't, consider investing in some noise-canceling headphones.
  • Inspiration. I'm surrounded by things I love and things that make me smile. And throughout spring and summer, there's always a fresh flower on my desk.
  • Storage. Some people prefer open shelving so they can see what they have, while others prefer to hide everything behind closed doors. Whatever your style, make sure you have a place for everything (and not all of it on your desktop).
  • A comfortable chair. If you work from home full time, don't skimp on this one—it really is worth the price.
With all that in mind, I've rounded up some workable work spaces, from a desk in a closet to a spacious room.

How clever (not to mention beautiful and efficient) is this closet turned office? Even caught a glimpse of it on HGTV this weekend:

IHeart Organizing
Sarah's House 2
This simple and serene desk is tucked into a corner:
Apartment Therapy
I've had my eye on this sleek Josephine desk from Cost Plus World Market for some time:
Nuestra Vida Dulce
This office built for two uses Ikea cabinetry:
The Weekend Homemaker
Gotta love girly and glam, with fresh flowers:


  1. I like the idea of turning an unused closet into an office space. The Josephine desk is pretty, you should get it!

    1. Unfortunately, I didn't find the Josephine desk until after I had already bought a new desk. Although, in my effort to protect the desktop, I actually messed it up, so maybe I can justify getting a new desk :-)

  2. Great minds think alike! ;) The last pic is a perennial fav of mine.

    1. It's almost too beautiful--I don't know if I could get any work done there! But I do love it.

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