Monday, October 15, 2012

Autumn in Paris

I've been knee deep in last-minute planning for our upcoming trip to Paris. We finally worked out an itinerary and bought train tickets for a day in Brussels (!), so that's a load off my shoulders. I've been pinning and shopping like crazy (I can't very well go the most stylish city in the world without new clothes, can I?).

My French is very rusty (I studied the language for five years, but that was quite a while ago, and it's not as if I get to use it much in California), so I've been brushing up on that. I just know that no matter how prepared I am, I'm going to freeze the first time someone speaks to me in French. Hopefully I'll get comfortable with it after a day or two.

With all that, doing some work for the election, extra freelance work, and my usual life, it's been pretty crazy around here. Oh, and we're having some work done to the house (mostly outside, but we've done a little inside and plan to do more in the coming months).

Once things slow down a bit I hope to share some pictures here. But for now, a bientot!