Monday, April 30, 2012

On the Set

Did you catch HGTV on the Set with Emily Henderson (love her!) on Friday? I just randomly turned it on (I really don't even watch HGTV that much these days, sorry to say). But it was touring the set of Big Bang Theory, so I had to watch. I love that show and I really like Leonard and Sheldon's apartment for some reason.

Anyway, it went on to show the sets from Modern Family. Like the show, love the sets! Claire and Phil's home is probably closest to my own style (although Cam and Mitchell's place is a very close second, and the exterior wins, hands down).
The Dunphy living room, via Hooked on Houses
Exterior of Cam and Mitchell's duplex, via Hooked on Houses
But by far my favorite TV family home is on NBC's Parenthood.While I enjoy the scenes in the yard of Zeek and Camille, it's Adam and Kristina's Craftsman that I want to move into. Right. Now.
Adam and Kristina's family room, via Reckless Bliss
Exterior of Zeek and Camile's home, via Reckless Bliss
It's worth watching both shows just for the house porn, but I like the characters, too.

I also love Don and Megan's new pad on Mad Men, but that's for another day.

What's your favorite TV house?


  1. Oh, you're making me nostalgic for Parenthood. Love that show and I could use a good cry :)

    Adore that craftsman too, but I think I'd rather move into Julia's modern home. At least we'd be neighbors!


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