Monday, February 6, 2012

Hollywood Days

Good news: The blind and deaf dog's owner called Friday night and came to get her! It was perfect timing, too, because we had a weekend getaway planned. Yah!

We met up with some friends in Hollywood to celebrate my birthday, which is this week. It's becoming a tradition—we did the same thing last year and are already talking about getting together next year. And check out the gorgeous purse Jana made for me! Ah, the benefits of having a talented friend who knows how to sew!

The weather—as usual—was perfect. We hit our usual haunts plus a few new places, including LACMA for the Living in a Modern Way midcentury modern and the In Wonderland surrealist women exhibits. And I ate way too much! Totally worth the dieting I'm going to have to do this week.

We even had a celeb sighting at the Farmers Market—the very pretty Sarah Wright, who was in the canceled-too-soon Mad Love and a few episodes this season's Parks and Recreation.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. By the way, the guy who joined her at the table was Scott Caan (from Hawaii 5-0 and son of James). Maybe we can start a rumor that they're dating :)

    Had a great time but today I'm exhausted!


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