Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspired by: Animals

You may have noticed that I like animals. And I live with lots of them—some real and many others representations.

Decorating with animals can be tricky. It's easy go too cartoony or childish. That's fine if it's the look you want, but if you're going for a more elegant style, you have lots of higher-end options.

Of course, the first place to start is with the king of kitsch himself, Jonathan Adler:
Jonathan Adler Interior Design
Elle Decor
Whale pitcher
West Elm is another purveyor of humorous yet stylish animal decor. A pair of these cuties live on my living room console:
Ceramic owls
Using art is another way to inject some animal style into your decor. I've blogged about this picture before, but it's such a striking image:

                                                           Source: via Beth on Pinterest

This collection of birds extends from the wall to the buffet:
Katie Ritter
I'm not entirely sold on faux animal heads, but I'm taken with this gorgeous grouping:
The Glow via small shop studio
This elephant certainly makes a bold yet chic statement:
                                                     Source: Uploaded by user via Cassandra on Pinterest

Speaking of elephants, ceramic versions have been popping up everywhere the last couple of years:
Making It Lovely
I have one in my living room that my dad bought back in the '80s at Pier 1. He's survived half a dozen moves with tusks intact!

These hand towels from Thomas Paul (another elephant!) will drive your guests wild:
Burke Decor

A couple of small animals look right at home on these shelves:
The Lonny Blog
OK, the pink poodles here are a bit over the top, but the pup pillows are cute without being cutesy:
Naked Decor via Houzz
The camel lamp looks right at home in this elegant vignette:
Apartment Therapy
We can't forget animal print:
Elle Decor via Southern Exposure
And if you're brave, you can plaster pooches all over your walls:

Has your decorating gone to the dogs? Tell me all about it!

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