Monday, July 25, 2011

Stripes and Denim: An American Classic

I bought a versatile striped T-shirt at Gap recently. It's navy and white, fitted, with a V-neck—very flattering and comfy! Of course it will look good year round; it's light enough to wear in summer and can easily be layered for cooler months. Right now I want to wear it with denim shorts, but I'm having trouble finding pair I like.

This makes a nice polished, casual outfit for a summer date:

An American Classic

Change out the wedges for white Keds or silver flip-flops and it would be perfect to wear to a baseball game, amusement park or carnival. I love the gold locket—it adds just the right feminine touch.

Are you wearing stripes this summer? What are you paring them with? I'd love to know!

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