Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sarah 101: Sign Me Up!

I finally caught an episode of "Sarah 101" on HGTV. In her latest show, Canadian designer Sarah Richardson shares her decorating tips in a how-to format, with practical info on such matters as how to pick a floral fabric and how to choose the right size area rug ("At least the front two feet of each piece of furniture should land on the rug," she advises).

Sarah's designs have gotten bolder over the years. Back in the days of "Design Inc.," her signature style was sophisticated and classic, with muted wall and furniture colors and bold splashes in accent pieces. Even the rooms in "Sarah's House" tended to be somewhat low-key color-wise. Here's a soft pink living room she did for "Sarah's House":

                                          Source: via Beth on Pinterest

But in this episode of the new show she takes pink up a notch or three, covering a sofa in a bright rose tone and chairs in bold floral:

                                                    Source: None via Mindy on Pinterest

Sarah's one of my favorite designers (they sure grow them stylish up north!), and sidekick Tommy is a hoot, so I'm looking forward to seeing more of this show!

P.S. For a look at the "Sarah's House" living room above after Sarah and her crew moved out, check out this post—but be warned, it might make you cry!

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