Friday, July 8, 2011

Celebrate Blondie

July is International Blondie and Deborah Harry Month, and I can't possibly let that go unnoticed.

The influential punk band, fronted by the stylish and beautiful Debbie Harry, formed in the mid-'70s and is still going strong today. Its latest album, "Panic of Girls," was released in May in the U.K., and the band is touring Europe.

Blondie's self-titled album was released in 1976:
Photo by kevindooley
And here's Debbie Harry performing with the band in Toronto in 1977:
By Jean-Luc, via Wikimedia Commons

Here's the video for "Rapture," the only rap song I know all the words to (well, most of the words anyway).

Do you have a favorite Blondie song? Share it here!

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