Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Design Between Friends

I've enjoyed doing this blog so much in the last couple months. It's great to have a place where I can share all the big and little things that make me smile (even if no one is reading it!).

It's been so much fun, in fact, that I've teamed up with my friend Jana to start a new blog, Design Between Friends. This blog will be more design-focused (but expect some pet posts and maybe a few bits on travel, food and fashion). Jana lives in the Bay Area, so we'll touch on regional topics in Northern and Southern California, too.
Jana loves purses. Here she checks out the selection at Anthropologie.
We start off with a shopping trip. I went up to Oakland recently to check out Jana's new place, and we hit Ikea and Anthropologie. We had so much fun (we always do) that we wanted to share our adventures.

Jana's a terrific, engaging writer who never fails to make me laugh, and I'm sure you'll enjoy reading her take on design and decor. Our styles are very different, but we often find ourselves swooning over the same things.

I plan to keep posting here, but I hope you'll stop by DBF and tell us what you think. And come back often!

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