Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Pinterest Challenge!

Last week some of my favorite bloggers—Sherry and Katie—and TV fav Emily issued a challenge to stop pinning and start doing!

                                                    Source: younghouselove.com via Janelle on Pinterest

Since I've been thinking the same thing—I have almost 1,200 inspirational pins but have yet to actually implement any of the ideas I've come across—I decided to join in. And I had something in mind:

                                                           Source: bhg.com via Beth on Pinterest

My space is a little wider than the inspiration pic, so I hoped to get more than one container in there. Here's what mine looked like:

It seemed simple enough—my kitchen already has a similar pullout that I've been using to store a big pot that I love but never use—and very practical for someone with as many pets as I have.

Unfortunately, those pets—plus several unexpected visitors—took more of my time than I had imagined, and I wasn't able to get the project finished.

I did get as far as measuring the space (about 17 by 18 by 20 inches), and a few days later I headed over to Target—without my measuring tape. Grrr! Arrgh! One container I found had the measurements listed, but it was bit too large for me to be able to squeeze two into the space.

I still plan to do it when things calm down around here—if that ever happens!

Today is reveal day. I can't wait to see what Sherry, Emily and the rest of the ladies have accomplished.

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