Monday, August 29, 2011

All About Autumn

Summer somehow managed to slip right past me this year. It's technically not over for a few more weeks, but with school starting and Labor Day right around the corner, for all intents and purposes, it's over. And I never got to enjoy it.

It was one thing after another this spring/summer: job, animals, health scares, and now a late summer heat-wave.

I hate to sound like I'm complaining. I mean, despite what Giles and Smooch may think, the new dog is a wonderful addition to the family. And the kittens were so much fun (and so destructive, but that's another story).

But it didn't leave me with much time or disposable income for fun this summer (although I did get to visit my friend in Oakland). So all of that is to say that I'm just not ready for fall.

In an effort to get myself in the mood for the upcoming change of seasons (despite 100-plus temps), I've put together a few reminders of why I love the cooler days of autumn (sweaters! pumpkin pie!).

Clockwise from top left: Eiffel Tower, Pinterest; coat, H&M; Ever-Present Satchel, Anthropologie;
Mad Men Collection bracelet-sleeve jacket, Banana Republic; tea cup, Pinterest; Marc by Marc Jacobs boot, Lucky magazine; pumpkin pie, Pinterest; Pour La Victoire suede Chaney wedge, Lucky

What do you love about fall?

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