Monday, August 15, 2011

Pet Profiles: Mr. Chow

I have three dogs. I can't believe I have three dogs. What the heck was I thinking?

Over the years we've had an assortment of pets, some briefly until we found them permanent homes, some inherited from family members. The most we've had is five at one time, and never more than two dogs at once. In fact, two dogs and a cat is the perfect pet ratio in my book.

Then came Mr. Chow.

It was a Saturday in mid-May and Erik had gone fishing on the coast. I was expecting him home any time with a big box of strawberries. Then the phone rang. "I found a big dog with a broken leg," Erik said. "Meet me at the emergency vet."

And that's how I met Mr. Chow. Of course we tried to find his owners—postings online, in the newspaper, on mailboxes in the neighborhood near the area where he was wandering. Nothing. I really can't believe no one is missing him. He's 60 pounds of love and happiness. I'm over the moon for him.

Mr. Chow and Bitsy
The same can't be said for all the other critters here. Giles refuses to come in the house anymore (I think that will change when the weather turns, if not sooner), and Smooch, who prefers female dogs, insists on demonstrating his dominance, despite the 40 or so pounds Chow has on him. So far Mr. Chow has let the little dog have his way. Bitsy is pretty easy going and only gets upset when she thinks Chow is getting her share of the snacks. She yaps and he backs off. What a good boy!

It's taking time, but we're slowing getting into a new routine. And now that his leg is just about healed, I can start taking him to obedience classes. I'm also looking forward to walking with him by the river—he seems like the kind of dog to take on long walks.

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