Friday, December 9, 2011

It's a Wrap

Now that you're done with your shopping (you are done, right? ;-), it's time to wrap the gifts. For me this is the fun part because it lets me be creative.

I really like the idea of wrapping presents in something unexpected. Sure, lots of people use newspaper, but how many of them make it look this festive:
Country Living
Kraft paper and a rubber stamp has never looked this chic:
The Haystack Needle
I love this idea (and I have lots of Trader Joe's bags lying around):
A Creative Mint

Do you have a musician in the family? I do! This would be perfect:
Country Living
Simply beautiful:
How About Orange
Don't have any gift wrap or paper bags? How about printing your own paper:
This is awesome—homemade gift bags made from newspaper:
How About Orange
If you prefer to buy your gift wrap, might be the cutest wrapping paper ever:
Pleased to Meet
And, of course, you'll need gift tags. These downloadables are adorable:
Pretty Fluffy
For more eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas, click over to this blog post. And watch this video for more tips.

Check back Monday for some great ideas on storing wrapping supplies.

Happy wrapping!


  1. This is so cute wrapping! I wish my Christmas presents wrapping looked this good! :)
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