Monday, November 7, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

We celebrated Halloween in Las Vegas. We were invited to a pirate-themed wedding that afternoon, and we got to spend a couple of days in Sin City.

New York New York
The weather was gorgeous, and the Halloween scene was pretty crazy (we saw one topless woman crossing the main drag), but it's probably even more insane when the holiday falls on a weekend.

The Vegas Strip
The wedding was definitely the most unusual I've been to, and the bride and groom really seemed to enjoy themselves. (We didn't dress up, but they did. And so did our 6-year-old niece—so cute!)

We'd never stayed on the Strip before (we usually bunk with family), but this time I booked a room at the MGM Grand, in the modern West Wing. The room was very cool, with a TV in the bathroom mirror, a large tiled shower and remote-controlled window blinds, but not terribly practical, with dim lighting, limited counter space and that TV taking up a big chunk of the mirror in the bathroom!

Leo the MGM lion
The large tiled shower is reflected in the bathroom mirror, which conceals at TV.
Service was disappointing. The hotel check-in was pleasant and efficient, but the service at restaurants and stores was slow and rude.

Still, it was fun little trip, and we stopped at the outlet mall in Primm on the way home, where I scored a gorgeous Kate Spade bag! I'm so thrilled—I've been wanting one for years!


  1. Love Kate Spade! Just found a similar shape bag at TJ Maxx last week that my mom swooped up! I need a trip to Vegas about now too! :)
    Cuteblog. I'm your newest follower. Would love it if you hop over to mine and follow me back!

  2. Done! Thanks for stopping by!


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