Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Off the Wall

I've mentioned before that I want to make some changes in my dining room. Never one to jump into anything too fast, I still haven't chosen fabric for curtains. But the ideas are always flowing, and I have something in mind for the back wall:

We're considering adding clerestory windows along the top of that wall to bring in more light (we don't want anything too big as there's just a view of the fence on that side of the house).

But I want to give it some punch, some wow. I considered wallpaper. Some really beautiful papers are available these days:

Hygge & West

                                  Source: via Beth on Pinterest

But I'm not keen on putting up something permanent, in case I change my mind or we ever sell the house. So I considered removable wallpaper:

Edie Lemon Ash
And wall tiles:
Bird Flurry
But I couldn't find a pattern-color combination that I liked, and it seemed that it would be a pretty pricey undertaking for just one wall.

I had considered stencils, but I wasn't really finding what I wanted—something graphic and modern, but not too modern, since the space has traditional elements. And it can't be too intricate because I just don't have much patience for tedious chores.

This is stunning, but I don't see myself doing it (and I don't want to drag Erik into this if I don't have to):
Young House Love
But I think I've found it. Or them, rather, as I have yet to decide which I like best:

Morroccan Dream
What do you think? I'm leaning toward the first one, Zinnia. It's bold and looks easy enough to do.

Of course, once I choose the stencils, I still have to decide whether I want to paint them randomly or in a pattern, what color (yellow on yellow? gold on yellow?), and whether to get just one size or mix up large and small. This could take awhile...


  1. Thanks, Jessica. It may take awhile, but I'll get there!


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