Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Fair to Remember

It's time for the county fair in these parts, and to me that means one thing: food. Deep-fried, artery-clogging, diet-busting food. And this year was no exception.

Our first stop was for feta fries, to make up for the ones they didn't have at the Greek Food Festival this year.

They were very tasty, but the usual french fry shape made it hard to get potato and feta in the same bite. Feta fries I've had in the past were chip shaped—making it easier to eat. But these came with a side of tzatziki sauce—bonus!

Not long after we finished those, it rained briefly (just long enough for my hair to go flat), so we ducked into the nearest building. And it just happened to be the one with the cinnamon roll stand. Erik got his pastry fix (no cream cheese topping, just extra cinnamon and sugar), and I had a couple of bites.

Next stop on the magical mystery-food tour was the firefighters booth, where I always get a corn dog. This year's was a bit overdone but yummy nonetheless.

Then we stopped by the petting zoo, where this little cutie nibbled on my finger:

Then we did a little shopping (but no buying) and checked out the rides. Since $10 for a Ferris wheel ride seemed a bit steep, we opted to listen to the night's concert by the Doobie Brothers and get some gelato. I got coffee flavor‚ just one scoop:

Good thing the fair only comes around once a year—my thighs couldn't handle it more often!

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