Monday, October 17, 2011

Inspired by: Gallery Walls

As a rule, I like symmetry. It's calming, orderly, and a primary component of classic beauty. But let's face it—symmetry can be predictable. Uninspired. A bit sterile.

Lately I've been drawn to asymmetrical gallery walls: pictures of varying shapes, sizes and subjects thrown up in what appears to be (but when done well really isn't) a haphazard way. The look reminds me of an English country home, comfortable and inviting.

Here's an example from Kate Spade's London pop-up shop:

                                              Source: via Zelma on Pinterest

This is from the book Decorate:

                                                 Source: via Beth on Pinterest

Oh Joy! blogger Joy Cho's living room, styled by Emily Henderson, is cheerful and fun:

I'm awed by the oversize raven in this room from the Hampton Showhouse, done by the Jeffers Design Group:

                                                    Source: via Beth on Pinterest

The color of the art picks up on the decor in this living room:

Via Good Girl Gone Glad
Love the animal-inspired art here:

Do It Yourself
Classic simplicity:
Domino via Sacramento Street
I love, love, love everything about this room:

Better Homes & Gardens
This little niche could easily have been overlooked:
Photo by Diana Kellogg via Alice in Designland


  1. I love everything going on in this post! Although that's coming from a self-diagnosed gallery wall addict :)

  2. Thanks so much, Heidi! (I've seen so many beautiful galleries, I might have to do a follow-up post!)


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