Monday, October 10, 2011

Amazing, Ephemeral Art

This weekend was the annual Via Arte Italian street-painting festival. It's one of my favorite festivals of the year (even though it doesn't revolve around food!).

Dozens of supremely talented people (professionals and amateurs of all ages) create intricate chalk designs on the asphalt in the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. It's dirty, hot, backbreaking work, I'm sure, and the results are temporary—the chalk washes away after the festivities end.

But for those us lucky enough to see it, all that work is worth the effort. The weather was nearly perfect Sunday, and we brought Bitsy along. She did plenty of sniffing and made a few friends.

The artists end up covered in chalk and dirt. And I can only imagine how sore their knees and backs must get.

Animals were a common theme:

And beloved cartoon characters:

There were plenty of tributes to Steve Jobs:

Kids made their mark:

Some other favorites:

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