Sunday, January 16, 2011

Light Bright

I've been threatening for years—years!—to hang a chandelier in the master bedroom. I find one I like, but then for one reason or another (it's too much money, I can't afford it this month, it's not hard-wired, etc.) I don't buy it, and then it's gone.

Last year we redid the bedroom. New paint color,  a new bed, new duvet, new curtains. Even added new pulls to the dresser. But I still haven't changed out the brass "boob light" in the reading nook. A sparkly chandy really would make the room.

Here are two options I came across the other day:

Because they're from PBteen, the price is right ($129 and $99, respectively). I really like the capiz, but it's not hard-wired. The other one is whimsical, but I'm afraid it might be too long for the space.

See what I mean? They're never perfect. Or maybe I'm just indecisive.

I've also been eyeing this one for some time:

Shades of Light

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