Monday, July 9, 2012

Animal Skin Rugs: Tired or Trendy?

I subscribed to Metropolitan Home for years (until it went away with other beloved magazines, victims of the Internet and a bad economy). I loved the warm modern style the magazine showcased. But one thing I found maddening was the ubiquity of Saarinen tulip tables. Evey issue had at least one—dining tables, side tables, marble-topped tables. Toward the end there were tulip tables in just about every home tour, three or four per issue.

Now, don't get me wrong: I love the simplicity of a Saarinen table and the fact it looks just as good in a modern space as in a more traditional setting. It just started to become a cliché, and I found myself cringing every time I saw yet. another. one.

Which brings me to the subject at hand: hide rugs.
Decor Pad via The Simply Luxurious Life
I can hardly open a design magazine or read a blog post lately without seeing yet another hide run. Cowhide, zebra—you name it. While I like the organic shape of a hide, I'll admit I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea of decorating with dead animals (my leather Eames-style lounger notwithstanding!). But that's not what I'm objecting to (faux animal hides are all over the place, too). I guess it's just starting to seem rote and unimaginative.

So what do you think: Are animal skin rugs passé or here to stay? Am I just being a crank? And did the person who designed this room want to drive me over the edge?


  1. I'm guilty on both counts! I have the tulip table(which I've had for more than 2 years now) and hide rugs(very kid friendly!). I love them both and I don't care if it's passe or not. :)

    1. I really do love the tulip tables. If I had room for one, I'd definitely get one!


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