Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Dress to Obsess Over

Someone needs to invite me to a summer wedding or a garden party or an ice cream social so I'll have an excuse to buy this dress:

Summer wedding outfit

I've been obsessing over it since I first saw it last week, and since I don't know anyone who's getting married this year and I've never been to an ice cream social in my life, I probably won't have a reason to buy it. So the next best thing: feature it in a style board.

It's super-lady-like, so I went with very feminine accessories. The shoes are a bit of a stretch for me—I don't wear yellow—but they pull the color from the dress and are ever so slightly edgy. And the hardware on the handbag keeps it from being too sweet. (This is my second choice for shoes, and probably closer to what I'd actually wear.) I have no idea what that perfume smells like, but the bottle is a showstopper. And the gloves. I just had to include gloves, even though I'd never actually wear them. They seem so appropriate.

What do you think? Too over-the-top girly or just right? What would you wear with this dress?


  1. So pretty! I say buy it! You can dress it down with flip flops in the summer.

    1. I just might do that! Good to have on hand--you never know when you'll need a pretty dress.

  2. I don't know what an ice cream social is but it sounds like my kind of party. I think I'll have one! You're invited and you can wear that outfit :)


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